Joy Bear

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The Invitation

Great news! A fresh new joy bear is here for you guys and this time we have a hot threesome for you guys. After a party there three decided to have an after party of their own and the girls couldn’t wait to get fucked by this hot guy. These parties have become more of a swingers party and after each one the guests end up fucking. This guy was new to the party to the girls made sure that he was having a great time. The sent him an invitation to meet them after the party in one of the bedrooms and after everything was done here he is standing in the door looking at those gorgeous ladies in front of him. You might’ve seen this kind of encounters in some of the 21sextury sex scene where two girls get fucked by the same guy. The invitation was accepted now the actual party can start. The girls undressed the guy and got to try him out.

There wasn’t any hurry so the gorgeous hostesses took their time to please their very special guest. Everyone understood what that pleasing means right? The hot hunk couldn’t believe his eyes, having two smoking hot babes fighting over his dick must’ve been the highlight of his life. But he wanted more and so did the girls. This is our type of party! For sure!

The Invitation

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