Violet seduces the hot guard

Joy bear is back! Sexy Violet works as a maid in a classy hotel and this guy just got hired as guard. She gets attracted to him the moment she sees him. She can’t stop thinking about him and all she needs is that he has to be hers. After a busy and full weekend all the guests leave the hotel and she finally has some time for herself. She cooks up a plan to seduce the handsome guard.

She asks him if he can come up to her room to help her out with something and when he enters the room he finds her standing on the couch in a sexy tight French maid with a very generous cleavage. He has no idea what is she up to but when she starts lifting up her skirt and sliding her hands between her legs he pretty mush figures it out. Hoe can he resist to such a beauty. He goes to her right away and she takes out his cock to give him a blowjob. Next she takes off all her clothes and gets on top of him to ride his big cock. Looks like Violet got all that she wants, now the question is, are you satisfied or you want more joybear? Because we have a lot more to show you, you only need to go to and enjoy what you see. Have fun and make sure to come back soon!


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